The most ‘Scotland’ moments of all time: a non-definitive list

By Liam Bryce What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? Are we alone in the universe? Why didn't Stuart Armstrong pass the ball left? Why did neither Charlie Mulgrew nor Craig Gordon deal with a cross which seemed to spend an eternity in the air? These are just a handful of the… Continue reading The most ‘Scotland’ moments of all time: a non-definitive list


‘Tinpot’ Scots can prove a point at Hampden

Main photo credit: SteHLiverpool By Liam Bryce There's not a great deal that universally unites Scottish football fans, in fact, our game's biggest rivalry thrives on divisiveness. But when it comes to the less-than-esteemed regard in which the Scottish game is held by our neighbours south of the border the nation is largely in disgruntled agreement. Scottish… Continue reading ‘Tinpot’ Scots can prove a point at Hampden