Disproving evolution: The Scottish centre back conundrum

Main photo credit: Heart of Midlothian FC By Thomas Duncan Darwin’s theory of evolution posited that species arise and develop through natural selection, which increases one’s ability to survive and compete. In short, the monkey becomes the man through a battle for survival, a fight against similar specimen drives improvement, which secures victory. This was… Continue reading Disproving evolution: The Scottish centre back conundrum


‘Tinpot’ Scots can prove a point at Hampden

Main photo credit: SteHLiverpool By Liam Bryce There's not a great deal that universally unites Scottish football fans, in fact, our game's biggest rivalry thrives on divisiveness. But when it comes to the less-than-esteemed regard in which the Scottish game is held by our neighbours south of the border the nation is largely in disgruntled agreement. Scottish… Continue reading ‘Tinpot’ Scots can prove a point at Hampden

Fletcher for PM? Maybe not, but why not Fletcher for CB?

Main photo credit: James FJ Rooney By Daryn MacRae Square pegs, by their very nature, should never fit into round holes. They have four sides, a circle has none, however hard you try it’s not going to do the job. But, what if the square peg isn’t actually a square peg? And what if all… Continue reading Fletcher for PM? Maybe not, but why not Fletcher for CB?

Scotland’s 5 best options at right-back

Main photo credit: Franziska By Calum Woodger When Alan Hutton went charging down the right for Scotland in their 6-1 win over Gibraltar in March 2015 you just had a feeling something would go wrong. Then with all the grace of a new-born giraffe sprinting across the savanna Scotland's stalwart full-back ended up landing face first… Continue reading Scotland’s 5 best options at right-back