How Scotland can beat England

Main photo credit: Ronnie Macdonald By Daryn MacRae Scotland host England on June 10 in what has become a must-win game for Gordon Strachan’s side as they look to keep their slim chance of making next summer’s European Championships alive. By looking back at the match between the two in November, and dissecting Iceland’s success… Continue reading How Scotland can beat England


‘Tinpot’ Scots can prove a point at Hampden

Main photo credit: SteHLiverpool By Liam Bryce There's not a great deal that universally unites Scottish football fans, in fact, our game's biggest rivalry thrives on divisiveness. But when it comes to the less-than-esteemed regard in which the Scottish game is held by our neighbours south of the border the nation is largely in disgruntled agreement. Scottish… Continue reading ‘Tinpot’ Scots can prove a point at Hampden

Scotland’s midfield selection is black and white

Main photo credit: Stuart Chalmers By Calum Woodger Gordon Strachan’s original squad announcement was met with uproar from the Tartan Army, with many baffled by the Scotland manager’s omissions from the group charged with downing England on June 10. With four goalkeepers and three left backs selected in the provisional squad, midfielders Graeme Shinnie (Aberdeen)… Continue reading Scotland’s midfield selection is black and white

Fletcher for PM? Maybe not, but why not Fletcher for CB?

Main photo credit: James FJ Rooney By Daryn MacRae Square pegs, by their very nature, should never fit into round holes. They have four sides, a circle has none, however hard you try it’s not going to do the job. But, what if the square peg isn’t actually a square peg? And what if all… Continue reading Fletcher for PM? Maybe not, but why not Fletcher for CB?